Sabbatical Bulgaria

Sabbatical Summer 2014: Bulgarien

Abfahrt: Nitscha, 8200 am 12.08.2014

über Slowenien Kroatien Serbien nach Vidin(Bulgaria) 

Vidin- Belogradcik- Magura- Montana- Vrasec Waterfall- Vraca- Ribarica- Arbansi- Kilifarevo- Trijavna- Bozhenzi- Drjanovo- Chevren- Ivanovo- Madara- Varna- Galata- Nesebar- Szozopol- Ahtopol- Malko Tarnovo- Ajtos- Sliven- Karzanlak- Plovdiv- Haskovo- Beli Plast- Perperikon- Kula- Nanovica- Smoljan- Trigrad- Batak- Velingrad- Razlog- Rupite- Melnik- Rilski Manastir- Varsec Waterfall- Zajecar-

Rückfahrt 11.09.2014

Ankunft 12.09.2014 10h, 8200 Gleisdorf



"There are coming wimmen with kids, pregnant wimmen too. Every day! They want to come inside. I am Police Officer. I am Policeman. I have to do my job. I have to. I work for my country. Everyday I work 12 hours without water without food. 12 hours we stand there and we protect.

We secure our borders. But it is not just our borders. This is EU border, we protect EU borders too. We also potect your Country. Bulgarian State tell me not to let them inside. European Union tell Bulgarian state not to let them come inside. We do our duty here. Everyday there are many coming. They are coming from Syria. There is war in Syria you know. Every day many. I stand alone, well not alone 10 meters beside me there is maybe him or him. We all are Policemen. 

I stand alone and maybe there are 10- 15 People coming to me... no Papers! I have to push them back. All of them! Woman with Children and pregnagnt wimmen too. Every day we have to push them back. They are coming, I tell them STOP! They come, I am Policeman I have a gun, they don`t stop, I take my gun, I shoot in the air- they are afraid. Everyday they are coming. Everyday I have to sent them back. I am Policeman I have to protect the border. Bulgarian border but not just Bulgarian border, European border! We do that for you, you are from Austria we do that for you for your people. Tell them.

Everyday there are coming wimmen pregnant, with children. Everyday I have to push them back.  I have my orders I have to push them back. Sent them back. But where? They are Syrian they come from Turkey. Everyday many of them. Do you think I like to do that? No. No! I have to push them back. I am Policeman I have my orders from Bulgarian Country. I protect the border. But we are European Union last border. Do you think I like to do that? No. It is my job. Everyday 12 hous. They are coming from Syria Women Children pregnant women too. Do you think I can punch them? No, I can not hurt a woman. Pregnant women? No I can`t. I have to sent them back. I have to tell them: No! You can not come inside. Everyday! But they are coming. I have to protect the border European border. We are all Policemen here. I have my orders. I am Bulgarian but I protect European border for you! For You. Austrian German, French We are Union.  Everyday they are coming Everyday. I have to push them back. Pregnat women should be comforted They have child. They will give birth. But I have to sent them back. I have tears in my eyes. Everyday I have to push them back. I am Policeman I protect the border Bulgarian border. I have to push them back, everyday. I am policeman I protect the border. European border. For you. I have to do that. It is my job."










Rocks, pen on paper 2014

Madara, pastel on paper 2014


Melnik02, pen on paper 2014


Melnik01, pen on paper 2014


collection 2014 bg, by Elisabeth Scharler

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